Who we are


The Stem for Life Foundation (SFLF) is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c3)  of the Internal Revenue Code focused on creating a movement to accelerate development of cell therapies.  We believe cell therapy holds the promise to cure many of the world’s most debilitating illnesses as opposed to merely treating their symptoms.  It represents a fundamental shift away from traditional drug treatment in favor of looking inside ourselves to understand and then amplify our bodies’ natural repair mechanisms.  SFLF is firmly committed to advancing cell therapy research and development and its applications to improve the everyday lives of everyday people.  To further this end, SFLF raises awareness and supports research and development efforts.  SFLF was established in 2007.  Expanding the foundation’s original single focus on adult stem cell therapies.

The foundation’s board of trustees and staff are deeply committed to improve human health, increase quality of life , and enhance patient care through the broader field of cellular therapy by fostering aninternational conversation among researchers, physicians, philanthropists, faith leaders and policy makers in order to help identify pathways to bring cellular cures to those in medical need through-out the world to reduce human suffering.