Advance Scientific Research

A lack of knowledge about and confusion surrounding cell science, coupled with a shortage of funding for research and development, is slowing the advancement of cell therapies.  The public needs to have credible sources disseminating information; sources with good reputations that promote ethical science and ethical business.

We are confident that a general public educated about the power and possibilities of cell therapies can urge decision makers to create policies that foster  cell innovation.  Similarly, greater national and global interest will inspire both public and private investment in cell therapy research and help us reach our goals.

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The potential to treat or possibly cure dozens – maybe hundreds – of major diseases and conditions makes emerging cell therapies perhaps the most exciting medical advancement of the 21st century.

Cell therapy has the potential to end needless suffering, prolong and improve the quality of life for millions, and make a profound impact on all cultures. Join the Stem for Life Foundation in supporting this important research.