The Stem for Life Foundation is firmly committed to expediting development of cell therapies that offer real hope to individuals suffering from a wide-range of life threatening medical conditions through our innovative programming, strategic networking and partnerships, and other domestic and international initiatives.

Stem for Life Foundation programming includes our Corporate Alliance, a group of leading companies that sponsor SFLF on its mission; our Heroes program, an important initiative that recognizes and appreciates the contributions made to the field by the patients who continue to inspire us every day; and our Student Ambassador program in which we are recruiting the next

generation of leaders to help us spread the word about the healing potential of adult stem cell therapies in our Student Ambassador program.  Furthermore, SFLF prides itself on supporting research that will bring attention to clinical trials and highlight some of the important work being performed in laboratories around the world.

And notably, SFLF has a unique partnership with the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture and STOQ International to work towards raising awareness and advancing cell therapy research; exploring its clinical application in the field of regenerative medicine, and examining the cultural impact of such research.