What is Immunomodulation?

Immunomodulation is the adjustment of the immune response to a desired level, as in immunopotentiation, immunosuppression, or induction of immunological tolerance. It involves the alteration of immune responses with monoclonal antibodies, cytokines, glucocorticoids, immunoglobulins, ultraviolet light, plasmapheresis, or related agents known to alter cellular or humoral immunity. In alternative medicine, vitamins, minerals, natural foods, or other nutrients are used to promote health or prevent degenerative or malignant diseases. Modification of the immune response or the functioning of the immune system occurs through an immunomodulator.

What is an immunomodulator?

An immunomodulator is any substance that helps to regulate the immune system. This "regulation" is a normalization process, so that an immunomodulator helps to optimize immune response. Give an immunomodulator to someone with a low immune system, and it can help raise that immunity; give a immunomodulator to someone with a healthy immune system, and it will have little effect in the body; and give a modulator to someone with an overactive immune system, and it can help to normalize that overactive immune system.
So immunomodulators do not tend to boost immunity, but to normalize it. This is why, looking at some of the research data on Biobran MGN-3, you will notice that those with stronger immune systems got relatively less immunomodulation with the product than those with weaker immune systems.

How do immunodulators work in the body?

How immunomodulators work in the body is still largely a mystery. Part of their benefit appears to be their ability to naturally increase the body's production of messenger molecules, such as cytokines, which mediate and regulate the immune system. Some of them, like Biobran, can also decrease the production of inflammatory cytokines. Overall, the effect is a more efficient immune system.
Most people using substances like Biobran MGN-3 do so because they have low immune systems. Increasing cytokine production in this case can significantly help raise the immune response. This site focuses, therefore, on the effect of immunomodulators in helping to increase immune function.