Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors for the Cellular Age are a distinguished international group of students and faculty that are serving as messengers to the world, particularly to the next generation. By adding new voices to our cause, the Student Ambassador program challenges us all to move science forward, to forge new relationships with science and research academia, and to help introduce adult stem cell science into modern and popular culture.

Our Student Ambassadors are strong voices in their communities and universities.  They are students of biology, medicine, bioethics, law, healthcare, society, design, philosophy, nursing, bioengineering, finance, theology, journalism, human rights and more.  They are open to new ideas and new ways of thinking about medicine, health care and science, and are leading the next generation towards advancing the field of regenerative medicine.

The mission of the Student Ambassador for the Cellular Age program is to inspire the next generation about the power of adult stem cell science and the critical role these cellular therapies will play in medicine world-wide.  We will accomplish our mission by:

  • Educating the Student Ambassadors about the paradigm shift toward regenerative medicine;
  • Empowering them through creation of a global initiative aimed at raising awareness about regenerative medicine;
  • Providing them access to a highly experienced network of scientists, medical professionals, policy makers, and clergy; and
  • Encouraging the younger generation to be part of an open dialogue about responsible science.
Meet our current Student Ambassadors

Are you a university student or graduate student who wants to make a difference?

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