Student Ambassador Video Project

Hello Student Ambassadors for the Cellular Age!

We would like to thank all of you who provided feedback and ideas on how we can help engage today’s youth about the power and potential of adult stem cells.  Thanks to your suggestions, we are proceeding with the production of a video detailing a patient’s story as well as launching a new campaign featuring videos made by YOU, our inaugural class of Student Ambassadors.

Please use your phones or computers to record a short video explaining why adult stem cells and cell therapy are important.  Your powerful words will help influence and encourage other young adults to learn more about using adult stem cells to strengthen the body’s natural response to diseases and injury.  Invite your friends to make videos as well, or be featured with you in your video.

Some things to think about while you are making your video:

  1. When people hear the phrase “cell therapy”, they may think it is futuristic or controversial, and may not understand what cell therapy actually is. Can you help explain the meaning of cell therapy in your own words? How do you explain it to friends, family or classmates?
  2. What does it mean to you that medicine is now attempting to harness and/or enhance a body’s natural biological response as opposed to relying on traditional pharmaceuticals and chemical drug development?
  3. Do you think regenerative medicine will change medicine and healthcare?
  4. Discuss if and how the advent of regenerative medicine affects you personally.


  • The video may be as long or as short as you like.  2-3 minutes is a rough guideline and under 2GB.
  • Shoot wherever you are comfortable, but please ensure your background is appropriate.
  • Casual clothing is fine, but please wear appropriate attire-  remember you are ambassadors for our cause!
  • Please refrain from using profanities or vulgarities.  Videos that contain inappropriate material will not be used.
  • By sending your videos to us, you agree that we may use them on our websites and in our marketing materials to promote the work of the Stem for Life Foundation and the Student Ambassadors.
  • Upload instructions: Please open a new website browser and go to You will be able to upload a file from your phone or computer, type in the recipient’s email (, the sender email (your email) and a message. In the body of the message, please type your name.