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Dear {{name}},

Thank you for your generous support to the Cura Foundation. We received your donation in the sum of {{donation_amount}} on {{date}}.

Your support enables us to continue growing our global collaborative network to improve human health, streamline health care delivery and optimize access globally to prevent and vanquish disease, reduce human suffering, and increase quality of life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us acutely aware of the importance of a strong and adaptable health system, one that must not only tackle this current crisis but also address the persistent diseases that claim millions of lives per year. Building such a system requires us to forge new partnerships, prioritize and apply best practices across multiple disciplines to treat the whole patient– mind, body and soul – and make the resulting treatments accessible to everyone, everywhere.

This contribution will benefit our Global Health Care Initiative to Unite to Prevent and Unite to Cure, which is more important now than ever. It allows the foundation to convene leading decision-makers in medicine, business, media, advocacy and faith in a unique webinars and events that encourage multidisciplinary collaboration, increase investment in research and innovation, and help grow healthy communities through prevention, education and better access to health care and funding.

We sincerely thank you for your generous support.

Very truly yours,


Robin L. Smith, MD, MBA
Chairman of the Board and President
The Cura Foundation

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