Dr. Robin Smith Appointed to Board of STOQ Foundation

Robin_Smith.jpgSFLF President Appointed to STOQ Foundation Board

We are proud to announce that Dr. Robin L. Smith, President of the Stem for Life Foundation, has been appointed a board member of the “Science and Faith – STOQ” Foundation (Science, Theology and Ontological Quest), a non-profit organization that looks to create important dialogue between the Church and contemporary culture which is strongly shaped by scientific advancements.

The purpose of the foundation is to endorse and conduct an interdisciplinary dialogue in order to build a culture that promotes the full dignity of humanity. Its mission is to build a bridge between science and theology and provide for their positive impact on contemporary society.

We congratulate Dr. Smith on her appointment to this board which further demonstrates the lead role that she and the Stem for Life Foundation are taking in the worldwide conversation on the future of medicine and potential of cellular